Spencer T Slattery is a resident of Portland, Oregon, where he studies political science at Portland State University.


After studying socioeconomic linguistics at the Evergreen State College, Spencer took some time to explore the east coast and France, eventually settling back down in Portland where he acquired a livelihood in the service industry. After years of working with people and experiencing microcosms of inequity each day, he began to channel his interpersonal skills into serving his community beyond hospitality. 


While endeavoring toward a career in public service, Spencer has been proud to work in a congressional district office as well as on a primary campaign for city council, and continues to engage daily with progressive politics. 


While only two years ago, one might have found Spencer struggling with various chemical dependencies, today he feels privileged to live his life clean and sober, engaging in his community alongside his brilliant husband and loving plott hound.  


A writer, entertainer, and entrepreneur born and bred, in his spare time, Spencer enjoys singing, blogging, and thinking of what's next. 

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